You’ve never seen a dance performance like this Duet. As they began to dance, the judges were left in shock

Renowned actress and author, Gabrielle Union, begins their audition by asking a series of questions. The duo reveals that they are not related but have been dancing together for the past five years. Gabrielle wishes them the best of luck, while judges Julianne Hough and Simon Cowell banter about the success rate of this dance genre. Meanwhile, the dancers’ family members remain enthusiastic backstage, filled with anticipation.

As Fleurie’s ‘Soldier’ begins playing, Izzy and Easton assume their positions, holding hands and facing each other. Their dramatic performance includes a variety of impressive moves: cartwheels, lunges, theatrical expressions, and upward splits. Easton’s one-legged cartwheel earns a round of applause and cheers from the audience, while Izzie’s graceful ballerina twirls and dramatic drop backs equally captivate both the judges and the crowd.

The pair demonstrates incredible flexibility, acting skills, synchronicity, and emotional connection through their dance. The audience acknowledges the power of their performance with continuous cheers. Their expressive faces, mirroring the song’s emotions, show how deeply they connect with the music. Easton’s jump over Izzie’s body stuns the audience with its gymnastic precision.

Gabrielle Union describes the performance as “unbelievable, powerful, masterful,” calling it beautiful and emphasizing their immense talent. Judge Howie Mandel, usually not a fan of this dance style, praises their performance for its intensity. Julianne Hough commends their athleticism, dedication, and emotional depth, suggesting that they are now performing in the “best class” of the arts.

Simon Cowell echoes Hough’s sentiment about being the best in their class, earning a lighthearted punch from her. He also expresses his admiration, calling their performance “fantastic.”

Grateful for the encouraging comments, Izzy and Easton thank the judges. All four judges give a resounding ‘Yes,’ and the young dancers rush backstage to celebrate with their families. We wish them all the best for the next rounds.

Watch the video below

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