Shy Teen Girl Takes Courage to Perform Original Song and Earns Golden Buzzer. It was an emotional song that earned her four ‘yes’ votes from the judges.

Shy and courageous 15-year-old Sophie Pecora returned to the America’s Got Talent stage, captivating us once again with her original song and heartfelt performance. With her guitar in hand, Sophie poured her soul into her audition, sharing her personal experiences of bullying and alienation through her music.

In her latest song, “Misfits,” Sophie eloquently expresses the feeling of not quite fitting in, a sentiment many can relate to. Despite her shyness, Sophie is finding the courage to embrace her true self and share her authentic voice with the world.

Her performance resonated deeply with both the audience and the judges, earning her high praise and four ‘yes’ votes to advance to the next round. Gabrielle Union commended Sophie for her genuine self-expression, while guest judge Brad Paisley was particularly moved by her performance.

Brad was so moved, in fact, that he couldn’t resist hitting the golden buzzer, propelling Sophie straight through to the next round. It was a moment of validation and recognition for Sophie’s talent and bravery.

Watch Sophie’s captivating performance in the video below and prepare to be inspired by her talent and resilience.

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