Simon Cowell didn’t believe his eyes when this 14-year-old girl sings to Aretha Franklin

Simon Cowell was visibly skeptical when Destiny Chukunyere, a 14-year-old girl, stepped onto the “Britain’s Got Talent” stage. Known for his high standards and critical eye, Simon’s concern grew when Destiny announced she would be performing Aretha Franklin’s challenging hit “Think.”

Initially shy and admitting to her nerves, Destiny transformed as the music began. Her voice, strikingly similar to Aretha Franklin’s, left Simon and the other judges utterly speechless. Not only did her vocals impress, but her stage presence was equally captivating; Destiny danced with confidence as she sang the demanding number.

The performance ended to thunderous applause and a standing ovation from everyone in the auditorium, including the judges. The camera caught a heartwarming moment of her grandmother in the audience, overwhelmed with joy and pride.

The judges unanimously agreed Destiny should advance to the next round. Simon, clearly moved, remarked, “I have waited for someone to come out and be a star, and that someone is you.” He praised her as a complete package—a little superstar with the voice, presence, and style to match her ambitious song choice.

Watch the incredible performance in the video below and be sure to share this amazing talent with your friends and family!

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